Ask the Expert: Timeframes

22 February 2019

What are the timeframes within your company to getting a house to market?

Linda, Pakefield

We offer something that no other agent within Lowestoft does, I will come out to do the valuation and as soon as you give me the go ahead our in house photographer is with us 6 days a week so chances are she can get to you the same day if need be! After that we will have the brochure sent to you for approval of the brochure and then we simply put you straight in the shop window, on the wall, online, in the paper and on social media. With other agents you could wait anything up to a week before they start getting a brochure made for you and within that time you may very well have missed the buyer who would have been looking for your exact property!

So once you have made that decision to sell and you want a proactive dedicated agent to instruct it, then give the team a call on 01502 531218 and we will have you sold in no time.

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