Ask the Expert: Listing with multiple agencies

8 February 2019

I have noticed a few properties seem to be going multi agent, what’s the reason for this and what happens if I decide to as well?

John, Lowestoft

It has become a trend recently whereby properties are doing this more and more. It can be for a variety of reasons, one being that because some other local agents make it a company policy to borderline harass houses which are already on the market with another agent – something which we have NEVER done. They will set about contacting them on a daily basis to encourage multi agency so that they can gain the listing, this doesn’t really benefit anyone other than the agents in question. In most cases it can appear detrimental as though that property is struggling to sell so extra agencies are required – which simply isn’t true. Another downside to this is that the sale process can become quite complicated when so many other agents are involved, likewise when people wanting to view see a multitude of agents it too can appear off putting to know who they are to call.

My advice would be to simply list with one agent and if you feel you’re not getting the service you deserve then simply give us a call on 01502 531218

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