Ask the Expert: Who is the number one agent?

15 February 2019

Most of the agents I have had around to do a market appraisal on my property have all said they are the number one agent in town. How is it determined and who is actually the number one?

John, Pakefield

I have heard this before on a number of my appointments, unfortunately its very easy for other agents to make that claim in that instance in order to win instruction. They do this in the hope that you are uniformed on the market share, We use data driven through by rightmove which analyses throughout each period who has sold the most, had the most instructions and who has the most available stock.

In all of these areas we are number one, we are number one not only because of these factors but because we do not tie anyone into fixed contracts so as to allow you the peace of mind that we will proactively sell your property to the highest standard.

If you are looking to sell then now is the time, the market has never been better and we have had a record 5 months. Give us a call now on 01502 531218 to receive a free market appraisal and advice.

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